Friday, August 12, 2011

10 New Mom Lessons

As a new Mom I am learning a lot about life, love, myself, and of course about Motherhood. Here is a random list of what I have learned so far, I know as time goes on I will be able to add so much more to this list.

:: I cant live without stain remover, between explosive diapers and spit up, Chloe's clothes really take a beating. The kind we use is baby oxi clean spray. It works amazing , and all of my daughters clothes still look brand new.

:: That I love wearing my daughter in the moby wrap , I love having her so close to me and being able to have my hands free. The other day I was able to vacuum, sweep, mop, and clean up the kitchen while Chloe slept peacefully against my chest.

:: Having some "me time" every morning while Chloe is still sleeping is way more important to me then a few extra hours of sleep.

::I can now do so many more things one handed!

::That snuggle time and sweet baby smiles can completely erase those really difficult days were everything seems to be going wrong!

:: I love my boppy pillow, it has made breastfeeding so much more comfortable , plus its come in handy in so many more ways.

:: I am even so much more grateful of Mike, I love knowing that we are doing this together! and I appreciate all that he does for Chloe and I, he is surely irreplaceable to us!

:: That I absolutely love breastfeeding! When I was pregnant with Chloe I knew how important it was for me to breastfeed my daughter but I never knew I would love it so much!

:: That getting boogers out of a baby's nose is very, very difficult. Chloe hates it.  It makes me so sad to see her so upset.

:: Most importantly what I have learned as a new Mom is that I absolutely LOVE being a Mother and I wouldn't trade this for anything in the whole world. I feel that this is what I was made for.

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