Monday, August 8, 2011

Dear Chloe: A Sweet Baby and Her Daddy

Dear Chloe,

         There is nothing more special and touching to me then to see you and your Daddy together. I have loved your Daddy for a long time , and in all the years that I have loved him I have always wondered what kind of Father he would be. Well my sweet Chloe ,  your Daddy is a natural at Fatherhood! The love he has for you is like nothing I have ever witnessed in your Daddy before. He adores you so much Chloe, I can see it in the way he holds you in his arms, the way he kisses your sweet little face, the way he plays with you each and every day. I can see that your Daddy's heart is overflowing with love for you , and that he is filled with so much happiness now that you have joined our little family.

Your Daddy holds close to his heart the special bond you two share, and I love that I get to witness it everyday. You love when your Daddy sings and plays the guitar for you, you always seem so soothed by his voice and so fascinated with the strings of the guitar and the beautiful sound they make. You love having conversations with your Daddy, we are filled with smiles when we hear you cooing away! The moment you lock eyes on your Daddy's face you flash this big , beautiful ,  gummy smile that has us both beaming from ear to ear, and our hearts completely melted. In the evening when your little body is so tired and your very fussy you love when your Daddy scoops you up into his arms and bounces with you on the exercise ball , sometimes it's the only thing that will soothe you my little one.

My dear sweet Chloe my heart feels so completely satisfied when I see the love your Daddy has for you. I'm filled with so much excitement at the thought of watching your relationship grow, all the adventures you two will have, the special conversations you will never forget, the hugs and kisses, and all that your Daddy is going to teach you about the love of Jesus. Your Daddy loves you so much Chloe, I see it each and everyday!

I love you baby girl, always and forever!

Your Mom

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