Sunday, October 9, 2022

Seven Years Later

  Wow….. so here we are, my first post in seven years. I’ve contemplated coming back to this space from time to time but it was more so recently that I really felt called back here. A few weeks ago my great Uncle passed away, he was such a wonderful man. Some time ago I wrote a blog post about him, where I basically interviewed him and shared his thoughts surrounding photography which was his art form. I came back to this blog during his last few days to find that post about my Uncle Marvin to share with my family. Seeing his post and looking through all my old memories made me feel terribly nostalgic. I really missed this space and missed having a creative outlet in my life. I think I’m going to try to give this a go again and see where it leads me.

   So much has happened and changed in the last seven years, within my own family, within myself and within the world. Some major updates, Mike and I added two more children to our family. Our once little family of three isn’t so little anymore. We have three beautiful girls, and believe me I still can’t believe I have three daughters either, like what are the odds! (haha) Chloe who’s 11 now, she was my whole reason behind starting this blog, then there is Autumn who is 4, and Everly who is 19 months. They are all so different yet very much sisters. Watching their sisterly bond grow has just been so sweet and rewarding.

   Another major life update, when I started this blog we lived in Washington, then we moved back to Illinois where most of my family lives and now for the past year we have been living in North Carolina to be near some of Mikes family. It’s really beautiful here, the weather and constant sunshine have been so good for my soul. I miss my family though, especially my Mom. We talk everyday but it’s not the same, I do feel like I’m missing out by not being there. In January she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. That’s truly been one of the hardest things my family and I have been dealing with. I feel lost at times knowing I’m several states away and that I’m not there with her for everyday life. Amazingly though we’ve been able to see her several times since we moved, and by plane we’re only two hours away, I’m holding on tight to that little bit of positivity.

   There is so much more I could say but I’m going to save it for future posts. For now I’m going to leave you with a few of my favorite pictures.