Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Get to Know Mike

Here are my husbands answers to the questions I asked him. Hope you enjoy getting to know the man I love, and Chloe's Father! Be on the look out for more posts from Mike in the future!

Q: How would you describe yourself?
A: Easy going, creative, and more of an optimist than a realist.

Q: What are you most passionate about?
 A: On the surface it may seem that music would be the thing I'm most passionate about. But, the   things in my life that move, influence, and mean the most are God, my family, and my friends.

Q: If you had to pick just one thing to eat for the rest of your life what would it be?

A: JJ Twigs large pepperoni pizza! I would probably die within two months but it would be one hell of a way to die!

Q: Whats your favorite type of music?
 A: I love all kinds of music but what I love the most is when the band or songwriter doesnt hold back and doubt themselves. God gave everyone a different personality to mirror how he is the master of creation.

Q: What do you love about songwriting and creating music?
 A: When you feel like you are capturing something that you didn't make. Like you are being shown something that no one else will ever hear that way again, and as a writer you get an incredible opportunity to share that with everyone. That's why I try to record ideas as soon as they come on my phone, because it always happens when you don't expect it to.

Q: Describe how you felt when you found out your were having a baby?
A: Shocked and scared honestly, because I didn't think I would be a good enough parent. I literally felt like God was telling me that he was going to show me how much he loved me through how much I love her. 

Q: Describe how you felt when you found out your were having a daughter?
 A: Very excited because for some reason I wanted a baby girl first.

Q: What is your view point on birth?
 A: I believe it should happen as comfortably and naturally as possible. The way woman are designed is perfect for making babies. Hospitals are necessary for complications but its not meant to be a medical procedure for every healthy mother and baby.  Obviously I am grateful that our baby is healthy along with my wife. I did not appreciate the lack of information that the doctors and nurses gave us about what they were going to do. My wife did amazing and my baby is beautiful. 

Q: What went through your mind when you saw your daughter for the first time?
A: Wow she is big and Wow she can really cry! I just wanted her to know how beautiful and loved she was!

Q: What are some things you love about being a Dad?
 A: Getting the opportunity to know and love Chloe because she is a miracle. Seeing her become a little girl. I love talking with her and holding her during bath time. I cant wait to hear her laugh. I love singing to her because she listens so well. Its really amazing to see her try so hard to learn.

Q: What are some challenges in being a Dad?

A: Trying to understand what she is feeling is difficult sometimes. The amount of responsibility can be intimidating. Putting Chloe's and Jen's needs before my own requires some reprogramming for sure. But like everything else in life the hardest things are where we grow the most. Trying to remember that when we are broke and Jen and I are fighting with a little one to take care of is a lot harder than it is to say. Remembering to pray is a big challenge as well.

Q: What are your hopes and dreams for Chloe?
A: That throughout her life she will always know that she is loved more than she will ever understand by God, her family, and others around her. And that she is so beautiful the way she is and that there were no mistakes in the making of her. Most of all that she would know Jesus and have a relationship with Him that could never be broken by anything or anyone no matter what. Because with that she can do anything.

Q: What kind of Father do you hope to be?
A: One that leads by example. A dad that she will trust and confide in, and that she will never doubt how much I love and care for her. I know I will make plenty of mistakes but  I just want to be there for her.

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