Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dear Chloe: Our Little Music Lover

Dear Chloe,

One of the many things I absolutely love and adore about you is your love for music! It's really so beautiful to see the way your whole demeanor changes when you hear a song you love! You stop what you're doing and listen with great concentration to all the many parts of the song, and then you smile, and dance, and clap with such passion and excitement.

 It's so special to me because both your Daddy and I are huge music lovers and your Daddy is even a musician and singer. I cant help but daydream about all the many hours you will sit listening to your Daddy play the guitar or how excited your Father will be to teach you how to play. I also love thinking about all the great music from bands like Fleet Foxes, Silverchair, Band of Horses, The Beatles, The Ramones, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, and so much more I get to share with you, or to see you really excited about a certain song or band you discovered all on your own!

Here is the song you are most loving right now, its from the band The Lumineers.

I love you so my dear Chloe, and I love that as a family we get to share our love for music together!

Love Mama


  1. OMG that is my favorite song right now!!! every morning i pump before work and watch VH1 and they play that video pretty much every morning and i just love it! Yay! You and Chloe have great taste! did you see the pictures from Bleubird (Miss James) wedding? that video reminds me of her wedding like crazy.

    in other similarities... Rob sings and plays guitar, a little piano and a little sax. i sing along but i am awful. anyways i think it's funny the little similarities in our families :) i want Otto & Loretta to learn instruments - my parents never really cared about that and i've always regretted it.

    yay for babies dancing :) xxooxxoo!

    1. Lindsay that is so awesome, we love that song! Once in the car Chloe was freaking and and crying and then this song came on the radio and she completely stopped crying, it was amazing!

      That's so awesome your hubby plays music too! I always wished I could be an amazing singer instead I'm awful lol oh well it's still so much fun! My parents were the same way too so I want to make sure Chloe is surrounded by lots of music all her life!

      I really wish we lived closer, the funny this is before I found your blog we did live kinda close with me being in Seattle!