Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Future Chef

Instagram photos @ beforeverlovely

It's no secret that my daughter is obsessed with all things kitchen , and these days her all time favorite "toys" to play with are big ladles, and this spatula. Chloe also really loves to play with the pots and pans, she'll scatter them all across the kitchen floor banging on each one as if they were drums. I personally think it is pretty darn cute and it's important to me to let Chloe discover the world around her by letting her play with other things besides her toys (as long as its not dangerous).

And who knows, maybe all this playing in the kitchen will inspire Chloe to be a chef one day!  Either way I'm going to do what I can to ensure Chloe has the best childhood possible, even if that means extra cleanup for me.


  1. Hehehe! I love the skeptical face she's making in the second picture! :)

  2. Go mama! She is a doll :) I have been forcing myself to let Otto "be bored" lately for just this reason <3 So important to be able to entertain themselves! He'll be bored for about five minutes and then figure out something to do and then be involved in that for an hour. If only they found cleaning fun!

    1. Thank you Lindsay! and seriously that is such a great idea for when Chloe is a little bit older! lol that be would amazing!!