Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Screen Door

One of Chloe's favorite activity to do lately is to open and shut doors. Her favorite door to open and shut of all time is the screen door leading out to the balcony. I swear she could probably spend a whole hour just opening and shutting that door. It's pretty adorable to watch how excited she gets but the part that's not so fun is trying to take her away from the door, she screams and cries and kicks her body all around until you find something else that's fun for her to do. Yep, I think she is definitely a toddler now!

Here is a ridiculously cute video of Chloe from yesterday evening

-- Warning -- lots of high pitch baby squeals!


  1. Oh boy, Darwin throws the same fit when we take his toothbrush away! Kid loves to brush those teeth.

    1. lol that's good that he like to brush his teeth! Chloe would rather just chew on her toothbrush instead of brushing!