Tuesday, June 19, 2012

25 Lessons For Chloe

This past week, Marqaux at Young Nesters has been featuring a series on her blog called 25 lessons for my little one and on Thursday Margaux shared my list! Coming up with 25 lessons for Chloe was a little more difficult then I thought it would be but it was an incredibly meaningful exercise and I am so grateful I was able to be a part of Margaux's series.

Today Margaux wraps up the series by sharing her own list she wrote for her adorable son Darwin, go check out her beautiful list!

Here are the 25 lessons I want Chloe to know

1. God made no mistake when he created you my dear, always know that you are beautifully and perfectly made by the hands of our creator.

2. Seek a relationship with God, pray to Him and share your heart with Him because no one will fulfill your heart like He does.

3. Your Father and I love you more then we could ever say, you have enriched our lives with so much love, and joy and beauty. Please never forget that.

4. Your family will always be here for you.

5. Enjoy each and every moment of your childhood, one only have one.

6. Friends should be those who are encouraging, loyal, and love and accept you for exactly who you are. Don't settle for anything less.

7. You can come to your Father and I for anything, please always know that.

8. There is so much beauty in this world, take your time and explore all that's around you.

9. Do not be afraid to stick up for what you believe in and for people that may not be able to stick up for themselves.

10. Kindness is beautiful.

11. Take your time with matters of the heart. To love and be loved is an incredible thing but relationships should not be something you rush into, they should be taken slowly and handled with care.

12. Your opinion matters, don't let anyone tell you it doesn't.

13. Don't compare yourself to others. God created each one of us with special and unique gifts to share with the world.

14. Do not judge others, you never know what their story might be.

15. You are never to old for a hug from me.

16. No one is perfect, each and every one of us will make mistakes throughout our life and that is ok.

17. Immerse yourself with music, art, books, photography, and dance, they will bring beauty and culture to your life.

18. Go on an adventure.

19. Your body is a gift from God, treat it with love and respect.

20. Spend time giving to others, whether it be taking the time to listen to someone's story, giving donations to a charity you support, picking up trash along side a road, or going on a mission trip.

21. It's ok to cry.

22. Live in the sunshine, Swim the sea
Drink the wild air

23. Go on a road trip or two at some point in your life.

24. Smile and laugh often, it's so good for you.

25. Always remember, you are so very loved my your Father and I, and there is nothing you could do that would ever take our love away.