Saturday, February 18, 2012

Keepsake Box

The front cover of the box

Baby book and inside the drawer

Cards, newborn feet prints and newborn hat

The front cover of the baby book


Our family tree

When I was younger my parents kept a baby book for me, the pages filled with memories and pictures from my childhood. Though the book is now aged with time I still love looking through it and am forever grateful to my parents for keeping it for me.

During my pregnancy I couldn't wait to find a baby book for Chloe. After a few weeks of searching I found this one on Amazon and new immediately that it would be the perfect place to store pieces of Chloe's childhood in and memories I never want to forget. What I love about it is that its a box, with the baby book inside and a drawer on the bottom to keep special treasures in. I love that its unique and beautiful and that when I look at it I think of the innocence and purity of childhood.

I cant wait till the day Chloe's old enough and I can sit her on my lap and together we can look through this box full of memories. I cant wait to see the joy and excitement in her eyes as I share with her they story of her life.


  1. I saw that on a blog ( and fell in love with it -- but it was sold out everywhere I looked! So jealous that you found one. You and Chloe will love looking at that together someday!

    1. Thanks Courtney! That's sad it was sold out everywhere you looked! Did you get a different one? I found mine on Amazon.

  2. i LOVE that book! will have to keep it in mind when baby #2 comes around...