Tuesday, February 14, 2012

8 Months Old ( On Valentines Day )

Today on Valentines day my little love turns 8 months old! Its hard to believe another month has passed us by and once again I find myself writing her monthly update and reflecting on all those sweet, fun, challenging, unforgettable moments that have made up this month.

Here's whats new with my little love:

:: Chloe has been crawling now since she was a little over 7 months old. It's so cute to watch her move around the apartment with such speed.
:: She is pulling herself up onto everything and everyone and loves to stand.
:: Whenever Chloe get's excited she lets out a loud squeal, claps her hands together and kicks her legs all around. It's seriously the cutest thing ever!
:: She loves when you get on the ground with her and chase her all around the apartment.
:: Chloe is such a little daredevil already, she loves being thrown in the air and hanging upside down. 
:: She stills loves bath-time.
:: She dances when she hears music!
:: Chloe is still mostly breastfed and that is going wonderfully. She does like to eat baby oatmeal, plain whole milk yogurt, apples, pears, puffs, carrots, and some purees.
:: She still hates diaper changes and is constantly trying to roll and crawl away!
:: Chloe loves to be silly and laugh.
:: She also loves to get into everything!
:: Chloe would much rather play then sleep


Still not sure on how much Chloe weighs or how tall she is but I can tell she has grown a lot in the past month! I'm guessing she probably weighs around 23 lbs now. Chloe is in size 4 diapers and wears 12-18 month and 18 month clothes.

It honestly blows my mind how quickly my sweet Chloe is growing. Each day I notice her looking more and more like a beautiful little toddler, full of curiosity and wonder and less like the sleepy newborn she once was. I'm constantly amazed by Chloe, constantly in awe of how someone so little could have such a huge impact on her Father and I.

Happy 8 months baby girl! We love you you so much!