Friday, September 30, 2011

Dear Chloe: One Year Ago Today

Dear Chloe,

          It was exactly a year ago today that your Mommy and Daddy found out that you were growing inside Mommy's belly. I instantly fell in love with you and daydreamed about you constantly, and as my belly grew and the days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, and as I watched fall turn into winter, and winter turn into spring the anticipation of finally having you in my arms grew stronger everyday.

Now here we are today Chloe, a whole year later. Its hard to believe that you are almost 4 months old already. You mean so much to your Daddy and I. Your heavenly Father created you so perfectly, and everyday you amaze us more and more. I am forever grateful to God for choosing us to be your parents!

On this day last year our lives were forever changed because of you my sweet Chloe. This will always be such a special day for us, a day that we hold close to our hearts, a day that we will never, ever forget!

We love you our beautiful little rosebud,  forever and ever!

Mom and Dad


  1. That is so wonderfully said, Jen!
    And you won't believe this...that is the EXACT same day Josh and I found out we were expecting Lillian!! I did a post about it on that day too! How cool. :)

  2. Rachel, thanks!! Wow! really? That's so cool that we found out on the same day!! Its been such amazing year.