Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Constantly Changing

All the sleepless nights in the world are worth it for this beautiful face!

 I feel like my daughter has changed so much over these past few weeks. Everyday I am witnessing her personality shine through and take shape, and its such a beautiful thing to be able to watch. Chloe has such a sweet gentle nature about her and is so fascinated with the world around her.

Here's whats new:

:: Chloe is constantly babbling to herself.

:: Anytime we lay Chloe on the floor her new favorite thing to do is to roll from her back to her stomach, she will do this over and over again. I feel like in no time my daughter is going to be rolling all across the room!

:: Chloe sucks her thumb

:: My daughter has 2 favorite toys now, whereas before she didn't seem all that interested in toys.
:: Chloe loves to smack her lips, its the cutest thing ever!

:: She smiles and coos at strangers now

:: Chloe puts everything in her mouth

:: Its very clear that my sweet Chloe is definitely not a newborn anymore!

Unfortunately along with all these wonderful new changes has come the dreaded sleepless nights. Chloe was such an amazing sleeper for awhile, but ever since we got back from our trip to Chicago she hasn't been sleeping so great at night and will literally fight sleep. Sometimes I just don't know what to do for her. I nurse her, rock her, Mike will bounce with her on the exercise ball, then when she's finally asleep we put her in bed and bam her eyes are wide open and her little legs are moving all crazy in the air. We repeat this all night long until finally our sweet Chloe is to tired to fight sleep.

It's very frustrating not knowing what else I can do for my daughter to help her sleep, I try to stay calm and relaxed but at times that feels so difficult to do when I'm exhausted. I'm really hoping this is just a short phase we are going through, here's to hoping right!

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