Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Firsts: Late Night Bowling

On Sunday, after a full afternoon at the park, one long nap, and a delicious dinner, we met with Mike's Dad for a little late night bowling before his flight back to Seattle the next day. This was Chloe's very first time bowling and I have to say she absolutely loved it AND did an amazing job too! I think this might become a new family tradition whenever Grandpa Chuck comes into town for a visit.


  1. Yay! Darwin LOVES bowling. He loves when we take him, he loves watching videos, he loves a bowling app on my mom's ipad...

    She looks like such a big girl!

  2. what fun!! I'm going to have to take Quinne bowling soon!

  3. That looks so much fun! Your baby girl is gorgeous ...would try bowling with Aadi as she is into playing with balls at the moment!

    Btw, I have nominated your lovely blog for Liebster award. If you wish to participate, pls head over to www.bebenus.com/Liebster-award for further details.

    Ritz xo