Monday, August 13, 2012

Good Music: Coldplay

1. More outside water play! Chloe got in the bucket this time!

2. Chloe's 2nd cousin's came over to play Saturday evening! It is so, so sweet to see to see how much they love playing with her!

3. Chloe playing in a big ole box of hand me down toys she got from her Great Grandma!

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a relaxing, wonderful weekend.

Here are a few songs I am loving from Coldplay lately


  1. I was just telling Erik that I couldn't believe they didn't have Coldplay during the closing ceremonies! LAME!

  2. oh no! we finally disagree on music haha! well i think i am in the minority when it comes to Coldplay so you win this one :) also so sweet sitting in her box of toys <3 that Madeleine doll is awesome :) ps. how is the job search? my fingers stay crossed for you!

    1. Oh I know I love the Madeleine doll, she's so cute! Job search in going ok, went on an interview not to long ago that went pretty well I think but don't know if I got the job yet. Thanks for crossing your fingers!!! <3