Saturday, January 14, 2012

7 Months Old

Today my sweet Chloe is officially 7 months old! It feels like each month that goes by is quicker then the last and I know that in just a blink of an eye it will be June and we will be celebrating Chloe's first birthday. I just want to remember these days always, the way Chloe looks right now when she smiles and laughs at us, the way she buries her face into my chest to snuggle, how peaceful she looks while nursing, the determination and excitement in her eyes as she learns new things, the way her adorable chubby little hands look in her daddy's. I never, ever want to forget what these moments feel like.

This month has been such a busy month for Chloe, and I know I say that every month but I'm constantly amazed at all that she is learning and how fast she is growing everyday.

Here's whats new with my little love:

:: Chloe is so close to crawling, she is getting on all fours and rocking back and forth, pulling herself up onto things, and can go from lying on her belly to a sitting position (which is her all time favorite thing to do right now). It's only a matter of time before my little love is crawling all over the place!
:: We are still doing baby led weaning with Chloe and that is going really great, so far she has tried avocado, banana, yam, apple, and carrots. Chloe seems to love carrots and apples the best so far
:: On January 1st Chloe said Mama for the first time! My heart melts every time I hear her say it!
:: She loves to laugh
:: Chloe loves to snuggle now! She always liked to be held and carried but never really just wanted to snuggle, now she loves snuggling!
:: She responds to her name
:: She now hates diaper changes and getting dressed. I have no idea where this came from but I guess she doesn't like that she has to stop playing in order for these two things to happen!


I don't know Chloe's height or weight at the moment since we don't have to take her in for a checkup till she is 12 months old but I can definitely tell she has grown a lot in the past month. She seems so much taller and heavier all of a sudden! Chloe is now wearing a size 4 in diapers and mostly wears 12 month clothing. Mike says that Chloe is looking a lot more like me lately and that he'll notice her doing some of the same facial expressions I do! My little love also has two very cute little teeth now but no signs of any more to come.


So at almost 7 months old we have finally been able to put little miss Chloe down for a nap all by herself and I owe it all to side-laying nursing. A more detailed post on this topic is soon to come! These past few days however have been a little rough for us when it comes to bed time but that's just life with a baby.

It's been another wonderful month with Chloe, full of love and excitement! Sometimes when I look at her it hits me all over again that I'm her Mother, she's my baby.


  1. I know exactly what you's amazing! :) I too have been trying side-laying nursing! I'm eager to hear your take on it. I didn't find it too easy at first!
    Yay for Chloe!! 7 months!!

    1. I have had a difficult time trying to nurse Chloe that way since she was born and eventually just gave up on it but last week for some reason I decided to try it again, it was so much easier this time and Chloe fell asleep so easily!! How has your experience been with it?

  2. Such a sweet post! My daughter is at a very similar stage to yours (born May 24) -- she just started crawling this week but isn't talking at all yet. And we're doing BLW, too!

    1. Thanks Courtney! How exciting that your daughter is crawling now! and that both of our girls are pretty close in age! How are you guys liking BLW?

  3. I keep waiting for Sof to say mama we "practice" all the time... How exciting to hear that at the beginning of a new year!! :)

    1. We were practicing a lot too and then out of no where Chloe just said it all on her on! Your heart will melt wen you here Sofia say it for the first time!