Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting Uncomfortable

This past week has been a bit rough for me, I just feel so uncomfortable. My back has really been hurting and I cant seem to be able to get a good night sleep anymore. I have been having heartburn a lot more often now as well, and overall I just feel crappy lately. Oh well, I knew this day was going to come and I know it's only going to get worse from here. All of these pregnancy symptoms are worth it in the end though, to be able to hold my beautiful baby girl! I just feel like complaining right now lol.

I do have some exciting news though, tonight Mike and I have our first childbirth class to go to! The class is 6 weeks long and starts at 7 and goes until 9:45. It's a long class but we are both really excited and looking forward to going. We have heard so many great things about this class, and it's very hands on which I'm really looking forward to!

Tomorrow we have our big growth ultrasound to go to. I'm really looking forward to that because it's always so much fun to see Chloe and to see how much she is growing! We will also find out how much she weighs, I know she is over 3 lbs now but it will be exciting to find out the exact number. She might even be 4 lbs already! At my last growth ultrasound which was around 11 weeks ago Chloe weighed 12 ounces. It's so exciting to see how much she has grown since then!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Great News

On Friday I will be 30 weeks! Seriously, I cant believe I am already this far along. This pregnancy has gone by so fast, way faster then I imagined it was going to go by. It's strange, I am at this stage in my pregnancy were it almost feels bitter sweet that it's nearing the end. On one hand I absolutely cant wait for the day my daughter is born, when I can finally hold her in my arms and look into her eyes and just stare in amazement that God himself would give my husband and I this incredible gift! Then on the other hand I have really loved being pregnant, and selfishly I feel sad that it's coming to an end. I know that I will never forget these 9 months, it's really been a life changing journey for me, and for the first time in my life I have so much appreciation and respect for my body.

Ok on to the good news lol. Today I had an appointment with my midwife. She told me that the results for the glucose test came back negative and that I don't have gestational diabetes! I cant tell you how good it felt to hear her say that. We talked about preparing more for the birth and my postpartum care and the tests that they will run after my daughter is born. She also suggested that this would be a good time to start researching pediatricians in our area and to choose the one we like for our daughter. I guess they need to know by 37 weeks the name of the doctor we have picked for our baby. The rest of the appointment went great, my blood pressure was perfect, she felt for the baby's positioning, and we got to hear our little girls heartbeat. My midwife measured me, which she started doing once I hit 24 weeks, today I measured at 31. I have consistently been measuring a little bit bigger but they figure that's due to the extra fluid I have so there not at all worried about it.

So thats my wonderful news, It's been a busy day, but a great day!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

28 Weeks

Picture taken right before my big fall.

Its been to long since I have written a post, I was going to write one last weekend but I ended up spending the weekend in the hospital so writing wasn't really on my mind. As most people know last Saturday evening I fell outside and landed right on my belly. Both Mike and I were really shaken up about the whole thing and rushed to the hospital to make sure our daughter was ok. We stayed there overnight on Saturday, and Sunday evening at 9 we got to go home. They wanted to keep my there for 24 hrs just to be safe which was honestly such a huge relief for Mike and I. We would much rather be overly cautious about the whole thing.

Chloe is doing great, she seemed to be completely unaffected by the whole ordeal! The whole time I was in the hospital they checked on Chloe often with a doppler for 20 minutes at a time, her heartbeat was perfect and strong and she was just busy playing away. While I was there I was also hooked up to a monitor that recorded any contractions I was having. Turns out I was having contractions, they were just mild ones and I didn't even know I was having them most of the time. The doctor wasn't to worried about it and said that it's normal to have contractions when you experience a trauma like that. They did give me a pill to take that was supposed to relax my uterus and stop the contractions. The pill seemed to work well because by the end of my stay I had much fewer contractions then when I came in.

As of right now, 4 days out of the hospital I feel pretty good. I was extremely tired Monday and Tuesday and slept most of the day. On Monday my body felt really sore and I had a difficult time lifting my right arm. The soreness has gone away and now the only thing that is really bothering me is my right hand. I scraped it up pretty bad in a couple different spots so it's difficult to use my hand right now, and it hurts, and it's pretty gross to look at lol. I'm not having any contractions at least not that I know of. I have to go in for a non-stress test on Tuesday and a ultrasound so I will know more then.

My husband and I are so incredibly grateful that everything is ok with our baby girl, and we just thank God so much for protecting her when I fell. Thank you all for keeping us in your prayers, it meant so much to us!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Pregnancy Update

Last Thursday I was scheduled to take the glucose test. I fasted for 3 hrs, drank the glucose sugar drink they gave me in under 5 minutes and then Mike and I drove to the birth center to get my blood taken. When we got to the birth center one of my midwifes was there to take my blood and send it to the lab to get tested. Unfortunately my veins are really small and she couldn't get any blood, she tried twice, one in each arm and then also checked my hands, but none of my veins worked. To much time had passed after I drank the glucose drink (they have to take your blood exactly 1 hr after you drink the sugar drink) so she couldn't try anymore to find a vein that would work. Tomorrow I have to fast and drink that disgusting drink again, and go to an actual lab to get my blood drawn. I was definitely frustrated when my midwife told me I had to take the test again. As much as I love my midwife's I have to admit they kinda suck at drawing blood, lol.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, I have to go to the lab and get my blood drawn, then I have to go to the hospital to do a non stress test and have another ultrasound, and then after that I have my regular prenatal checkup with my midwife. I am praying everything still looks great with my daughter when they do the ultrasound tomorrow and that she is still growing properly. I have been feeling her move all the time so that's been a huge relief! I still don't know why I wasn't feeling any of her movements for a couple days last week. 

I should find out the results from the glucose test hopefully on Wednesday or Thursday, and if I do have gestational diabetes then I can learn what I need to do to ensure that Chloe will continue to grow and be healthy. I will keep everyone updated when I find out the results.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cant Sleep and Rambling....

So it's almost 1:30 in the morning right now and I am still up! I just cant seem to fall asleep tonight, my back and my legs are really sore. Most nights I actually sleep really well, but I do have a couple nights here and there were I just cant fall asleep. Oh well, hopefully I will fall asleep soon!

Today I finally decided to clean out the closet in our office so we can use it for all of Chloe's clothes and other items. One thing nice about the apartment Mike and I live in is that the closets are pretty big and they also have a long shelf in them. We should be able to fit all of her things nicely in the closet. I even got some children hangers today at Target and hung up the clothes we have for her.

Tomorrow Mike and I are going to go to Babies R Us to finish our registry for baby Chloe, I'm pretty excited, it's always fun to look at all the cute baby stuff and clothes! We already have the car seat we want to get picked out as well as a really cool pack n play that has a bassinet that Chloe will sleep in next to our bed for the first couple months. We are going to buy them both probably at the end of April! Slowly things are coming together!

Here's some really exciting, crazy news, I'm finally in my 3rd trimester! I cant believe it, in a couple of months my baby will be here in my arms! This pregnancy really has gone by so fast, next Friday I will be 28 weeks which is 7 months, Wow time is just flying!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Everything Is Ok

 My beautiful daughter in 4d at 26 weeks and 4 days

So yesterday we ended up having an unscheduled ultrasound. Yesterday morning I called my midwife and expressed to her that I was feeling concerned because I hadn't felt any movement from Chloe since Saturday afternoon. I was really worried because I feel my baby's movements everyday, and her movements have been getting much stronger to the point were I can see my belly move when she is kicking. So it was really scary to all of a sudden not be able to feel anything for several days. My midwife told me to come in at 12:30 to possibly do a non stress test and to hear the baby's heartbeat. I called Mike while he was at work and told him that our midwife wanted us to come in that afternoon. Mike left work early and came home and we were able to go to our appointment together which was such a huge relief to have him there with me.

When we got to the birth center my midwife had me lay down immediately so we could check for the baby's heartbeat. She found Chloe's heartbeat right away, and it sounded nice and strong. It was such a huge relief to her heartbeat! My midwife suggested though that we go to the hospital next door where we had gotten our 20 week ultrasound and have another ultrasound done to really see what was going on with our baby.

Luckily there was an opening right away at the hospital and we didn't have to wait to be seen. It was amazing to see Chloe again through the ultrasound, she already looked so much bigger then the last time we saw her almost 7 weeks ago. The ultrasound technician took all of Chloe's measurements and looked at all the necessary things to make a complete assessment on Chloe's health. We could clearly see that Chloe was moving around, kicking her little legs and feet, and moving her arms and hands. At one point in the ultrasound we could see that Chloe had her feet all the way up by her head lol, It was so cute! We also got to see Chloe's face in 4d which was beyond the most amazing thing I had ever seen. Seriously I cant even describe how incredible it was to see my daughter's face so clearly, it really was so touching and it left me completely in awe!

The doctor came in a little bit later to go over the ultrasound. She said Chloe looks completely perfect, that she weighs 2.4 lbs and is moving around a lot. The doctor told us that baby's usually don't have a routine yet until at around 28 weeks and that most mothers do not feel all of their baby's movements. She also told us that I have a little more amniotic fluid then I had before which could be what is causing me to feel less of Chloe's movements. I asked the doctor what is causing me to have more fluid, and she said that the extra fluid is Urine from Chloe which could mean that I have gestational diabetes because Chloe is peeing more then she should. I am scheduled to take the glucose screening test next Tuesday with my midwife but the doctor I saw today suggested that I take the test sometime this week instead. She kept reassuring me that Chloe is completely healthy though, and that she is not worried at all but that she does want me to come in again next Tuesday for another ultrasound and a non stress test.

Mike and I both felt so relieved that we were able to see Chloe, hear her heartbeat, and to know that she is perfectly fine and healthy. I will admit though that I am really worried about taking the glucose test, and I am worried that they are going to tell me I have gestational diabetes. All I want is for my baby to be healthy.