Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cant Sleep and Rambling....

So it's almost 1:30 in the morning right now and I am still up! I just cant seem to fall asleep tonight, my back and my legs are really sore. Most nights I actually sleep really well, but I do have a couple nights here and there were I just cant fall asleep. Oh well, hopefully I will fall asleep soon!

Today I finally decided to clean out the closet in our office so we can use it for all of Chloe's clothes and other items. One thing nice about the apartment Mike and I live in is that the closets are pretty big and they also have a long shelf in them. We should be able to fit all of her things nicely in the closet. I even got some children hangers today at Target and hung up the clothes we have for her.

Tomorrow Mike and I are going to go to Babies R Us to finish our registry for baby Chloe, I'm pretty excited, it's always fun to look at all the cute baby stuff and clothes! We already have the car seat we want to get picked out as well as a really cool pack n play that has a bassinet that Chloe will sleep in next to our bed for the first couple months. We are going to buy them both probably at the end of April! Slowly things are coming together!

Here's some really exciting, crazy news, I'm finally in my 3rd trimester! I cant believe it, in a couple of months my baby will be here in my arms! This pregnancy really has gone by so fast, next Friday I will be 28 weeks which is 7 months, Wow time is just flying!

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