Thursday, March 17, 2011

28 Weeks

Picture taken right before my big fall.

Its been to long since I have written a post, I was going to write one last weekend but I ended up spending the weekend in the hospital so writing wasn't really on my mind. As most people know last Saturday evening I fell outside and landed right on my belly. Both Mike and I were really shaken up about the whole thing and rushed to the hospital to make sure our daughter was ok. We stayed there overnight on Saturday, and Sunday evening at 9 we got to go home. They wanted to keep my there for 24 hrs just to be safe which was honestly such a huge relief for Mike and I. We would much rather be overly cautious about the whole thing.

Chloe is doing great, she seemed to be completely unaffected by the whole ordeal! The whole time I was in the hospital they checked on Chloe often with a doppler for 20 minutes at a time, her heartbeat was perfect and strong and she was just busy playing away. While I was there I was also hooked up to a monitor that recorded any contractions I was having. Turns out I was having contractions, they were just mild ones and I didn't even know I was having them most of the time. The doctor wasn't to worried about it and said that it's normal to have contractions when you experience a trauma like that. They did give me a pill to take that was supposed to relax my uterus and stop the contractions. The pill seemed to work well because by the end of my stay I had much fewer contractions then when I came in.

As of right now, 4 days out of the hospital I feel pretty good. I was extremely tired Monday and Tuesday and slept most of the day. On Monday my body felt really sore and I had a difficult time lifting my right arm. The soreness has gone away and now the only thing that is really bothering me is my right hand. I scraped it up pretty bad in a couple different spots so it's difficult to use my hand right now, and it hurts, and it's pretty gross to look at lol. I'm not having any contractions at least not that I know of. I have to go in for a non-stress test on Tuesday and a ultrasound so I will know more then.

My husband and I are so incredibly grateful that everything is ok with our baby girl, and we just thank God so much for protecting her when I fell. Thank you all for keeping us in your prayers, it meant so much to us!

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