Monday, November 8, 2010

Our First Prenatal Appoitment

Our favorite birth room
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Before I even became pregnant I knew that I wanted to have a very natural pregnancy, labor and delivery. It's just something that has always been very important to me. Mike and I decided to go with a midwife for my prenatal care and deliver our baby at a birth center with the help of our midwife. We had our first appointment with Puget Sound Midwives on October 21st. At our first appointment I mostly filled out a lot of paperwork, asked a lot of questions, and they took my blood so they could do some lab work on me and make sure everything is looking good with my baby and I.

 We also got to take a tour of the birth center, there are 3 birth rooms, all 3 rooms are decorated differently and range in size. The rooms are very intimate, warm and cozy and include a large bathtub and bed that you can use. Which ever room we want to use for our labor and delivery is up to us. We have our second appointment on November 16th, at that appointment we finally get to hear our baby's heartbeat! I am so excited, I know it is going to be such an amazing and special moment for Mike and I! We plan on videotaping it so we can show our families and friends. I know I will probably watch that video a million times!

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