Friday, November 5, 2010

My Growing Belly

Today I am exactly 10 weeks pregnant! I cant believe how fast time is going, in three weeks I will be out of my first trimester. I am really looking forward to my second trimester, everyone has told me that, that's when they started feeling so much better. The constant nausea, morning sickness, super woman sense of  smell, and fatigue have me so worn down, but I know it's all worth it. Plus in my second trimester I get to hear my baby's heartbeat, find out the gender, feel my baby's movements and watch my baby bump grow.

My body is already changing so much, to me I definitely feel and look pregnant, but I think all the changes that are occurring with me are unnoticeable to the outside world. I already bought a pair of maternity jeans and sweat pants because my jeans feel so uncomfortable now. I can tell I am going to need some new tops really soon too. It is all very exciting but I will admit sometimes all these changes can be a little scary.

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