Wednesday, November 9, 2011

She Finally Likes...

After months of not liking tummy time my daughter finally seems to really enjoy it now, so much so that I never even have to put her on her belly anymore, she does that all by herself! I just spread out a few toys around her and she goes to town trying to reach for them! I just love how excited she gets about everything!


  1. Aw! That's awesome!! I remember how excited we were when Lillian finally loved tummy time too! Chloe is adorable!

  2. Jen you are so talented! I love how all your pictures and writing mirrors your personality so much! Except you need to write a blog post about throwing dirty diapers and how good you've gotten at it! I am so glad that your my baby mommy and I love you so much...
    From your secret admirer

  3. Thanks Honey, your so sweet! I think I will skip on your blog post idea, thanks anyways lol! Love you!!