Monday, November 7, 2011

Dear Chloe: Oh The Things You Do

Dear Chloe,

       You bring your Daddy and I so much joy! To watch you blossom right before our eyes is one of the greatest treasures we've ever received. You have such a beautiful and sweet personality my little love and you can be so silly at times!

The way you....

:: Always have your cute little feet in your mouth while lying on your back

:: Are constantly rolling over onto your belly even while having your diaper changed 

:: Make high pitch squeals of joy when you are happy 

:: Flash everyone you see your beautiful gummy smile

:: Laugh at Daddy and I when we are being silly

:: Grab my glasses off my face a million times a day

:: Turn your head and entire little body to see or grab something that has caught your eye

:: Sound like a baby bird when you are so very happy and filled with wonder (the only way Daddy and :: I could describe this ridiculously adorable sound that you make) 

:: Look up at me and smile while sitting on my lap ::sigh:: oh those beautiful blue eye's of yours, they make my 
heart swell with such an overwhelming love

:: Fill our hearts with so much love, and joy, and excitement.

In one short week you will be five months old, FIVE MONTHS! and in these five months you my sweet Chloe have taught us so much about the love that Jesus has for us. Its incredible to me that he has shown us a glimpse of the deep love he has for us by giving us you, by becoming parents God has given us the chance to understand just how much he loves and cares for us, his CHILDREN. It's just all so beautiful!  

We will never stop thanking Jesus for the gift that you are to us!

Love you always Chloe,       



  1. Aw, such beautiful things to say, and you hit the nail right on the head. That's how I feel too, but couldn't have said it so wonderfully.

  2. Thanks Rachel! Children are such an amazing gift!

  3. ... And I thought I was the only one getting my glasses grabbed off constantly ;)

  4. Kate, haha that's awesome. Our girls are so silly! Chloe thinks its so funny!

  5. hey Jennifer - thanks for linking up and stopping by my blog! your comments were so sweet, I appreciate them! ok so your little one is so precious - and how exciting, 5 months!! the month-day never gets old for us, even though we are coming up on 23...I still make a big deal each month, because it goes SO so fast!! :( I know she will cherish what youve written to her someday!! look forward to getting to know your sweet heart better! :) blessings to you today friend!!

  6. Sarah, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you and your sweet little family better!! It's so exciting each month that goes by and all the new things that my daughter is learning! It will never get old that's for sure!