Sunday, November 13, 2011

5 Months Old

Five months ago tomorrow my sweet Chloe was born. It's hard to believe that five whole months have already passed since that glorious day we met our daughter for the first time. It's incredible how much Chloe has changed since that very first time we held her in our arms. Everyday she is blossoming into her own little person, and I will say this over and over again.... it's the most amazing thing to watch! 

Chloe's stats:
Chloe wont have a doctors appointment until next month at her 6 month checkup so I'm not sure how much she weighs right now, but my guess is around 20-21 lbs and is around 26-27 inches long. Chloe is wearing size 9 months, 6-12 months, and 12 month clothing and is still in a size 3 in diapers.

Life with Chloe: 
It honestly feels like everyday my sweet Chloe is changing and learning so many new and exciting things! She is so fascinated with everything! I often find myself just staring at her in wonder and amazement as she is soaking up the world around her.

:: Chloe is always talking and loves to make lots of interesting noises.

:: She wants to touch and hold everything.

:: Chloe loves playing with all of her toys but her favorite toy is the keyboard for the computer!

:: She loves rolling over onto her belly but hasn't mastered being able to then roll from her belly onto her back.

:: Chloe will turn her head and/or her whole body to reach for something that has caught her eye
She loves being on her tummy now.

:: Chloe is learning how to sit up all on her own and is getting better and better at it everyday
She loves to giggle and smile.

:: Chloe loves music, exceptionally her daddy's music.

:: Chloe has two teeth coming in, one on the bottom center of her mouth, and then another one on the bottom side of her mouth. I cant believe that soon my baby will have her first tooth!

:: I'm the only one that Chloe wants to put her to bed.

:: Chloe hasn't been sleeping the greatest lately which we are almost certain is because she is teething.

:: Chloe's voice is also changing, its a lot louder and stronger sounding.

Chloe is still exclusively breastfed and seems to be thriving perfectly fine on just breastmilk alone right now. Somewhere between 6-7 months old is when Mike and I are going to introduce Chloe to solids. We are both pretty excited for Chloe to be able to experience something new and cant wait to see her reaction with each new fruit and veggie we give her! We decided that her first taste of food is going to be a mashed up avocado with a little bit of breastmilk mixed in to make it thinner. I really hope that she will love it!!

Such an incredible five months its been with our sweet Chloe, its amazing how someone so small can have such a huge impact on us!


  1. aww chloe is precious.
    i have a giveaway going on over at my blog and would love for you to come enter

  2. Thanks Jenna! I will stop by your blog and check out your giveaway, thanks for letting me know about it!

  3. What a wonderful post! It is just so exciting, isn't it, when they are changing so much and learning so much! I was thrilled the other day when Lillian actually put her knees under her and pushed her butt up in the air during tummy time! I'll have to put that on my blog maybe.
    What a cool idea for Chloe's first meal! Can't wait to hear about it! And how exciting you feel teeth coming in!

  4. Thanks Rachel! It is so amazing how fast our girls are growing and all the new things they are learning everyday!