Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On My Heart: Blogging

I don't want to write about baby food, or babywearing, or products that I love and cant live without or really anything along those lines, I don't want to write about all the research that I've done. That's not me or something that I want my blog to turn into. I honestly don't even know what came over me to think that, that's something that I had to do.

Last night after dinner Mike and I were talking, and I shared with him that lately I have been feeling really frustrated with this blog. I want to write so badly but the words just wont come out and I have no motivation to even try. I said "take yesterday for example, I was trying to right a post about homemade baby food and baby led weaning literally all day long but I couldn't do it. I got maybe a paragraph down before I finally threw my hands up in defeat".  Mike 's answer was profound and yet so incredibly simple...

"well maybe you just don't want to write about baby food"

I said "no I do" 

but then I started to really think about what my husband said and this morning it finally hit me that he's right, I don't really want to write about things like baby food.

I want to write honestly and openly, to share a piece of myself .

To speak freely about:

my imperfect life 

my feelings

challenges of a new Mom and wife

my past

my faith and relationship with Jesus

my intense and deep love for my daughter

my hopes and dreams, and fears

and my passion for love and all things beautiful!

This blog has been such an incredible blessing to me. A home for all my memories, love letters to my daughter, a way to be creative, and a connection to other Mom's. This is why I want to do so much more with this blog because it means so much to me. I know that not every post I write is going to perfect and filled with beautifully written words, and that's ok with me. I simply just want this blog to reflect who I am and the things I love most in life.

*note: I will still be writing informational posts from time to time I just don't want that to be the main focus of my blog. Also I will be finishing the babywearing series that I started, there should be a new post up for that by Friday!


  1. Very good point! We have to write about what we WANT to write about. I know what you mean. Sometimes I get so stuck too and don't post for days in a row! (sometimes even weeks!)

  2. Thanks Rachel! I kept going back and forth if I should post this post, but I'm glad I did. I love breastfeeding and babywearing and other things along those lines its just I want to make this blog more personal and honest. Happy Anniversary by the way!! Hope you have a very special day with your hubby and baby!