Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!
Have FUN, Be SAFE, and eat yummy CANDY!

Leave us a comment down bellow telling us what you and / or your little one are dressing up as today. We would love to hear about all the cool costumes!


  1. Thanks Jennifer, Happy Halloween to you guys too! It's fun to be celebrating our babies' first Halloweens!
    I am embarrassed that I've bought three different costumes for Lillian over the last couple of months! One she wouldn't fit in today anyway (an adorable Sweet Pea costume - I blogged about it a while ago; another is a Strawberry bunting...adorable but she couldn't go in her carseat in that; and a flower fairy. I think that's what she'll be. Pictures coming later today or tomorrow! :) What will Chloe be? Are you and Mike dressing up?

  2. Rachel, the flower fairy costume sounds so cute! I cant wait to see pictures of Lillian in it. Are you and Josh dressing up? The three of us arnt dressing up this year. I'm really regretting not getting a costume for Chloe, it would have been nice to have pictures of her in her first Halloween costume. Oh well, I will have to think of something else instead!

  3. Josh and I didn't really dress up. It's funny, in hindsight I see I didn't really NEED the costume for Lillian...poor baby just wanted to stay home anyway! But you're right, it's fun to have pictures!