Wednesday, October 19, 2011

4 Months Old

It feels like it was just yesterday that I was writing Chloe's 3 month update, its hard to believe a whole month has already gone by and now my sweet Chloe is 4 months old! My daughter amazes me everyday! she is constantly growing and learning! I never knew it would be this exciting to watch your child grow, but it is! In fact, everyday I am left speechless as I watch my daughter evolve right before my eyes. The rapid speed at which she is growing and learning and transforming is bind blowing, it feels as though it is all happening within just a blink of an eye.

Chloe's stats: On Friday Chloe had her 4 month checkup with her pediatrician. She now weighs 18.5 lbs and is 26 3/4 inches long. This puts Chloe above the 95 % for both weight and height! Since my daughter has been born she has gained a total of 9 lbs and has grown exactly 5 inches. It makes me feel so proud that she is healthy and thriving on just breast milk alone! 

The doctor said Chloe is in perfect health, and that she is indeed teething (that would explain the constant drooling). But while listening to her heart he noticed that she had a slight heart murmur, he said its very mild (a 1 on a scale of 6). He also said that its common in about 30 % of babies to have a heart murmur and that hes not worried at all, but he would like for Chloe to get an ultrasound done just to be absolutely positive its nothing. So on Thursday Chloe has an ultrasound scheduled for the afternoon, I'm praying this is nothing and that it will correct its self  over time. When the doctor told Mike and I this I wanted to breakdown and cry, I just felt so scared and sad for my sweet baby. Its such a great fear of mine that Chloe will grow up with health issues. As a Mom I am filled with so much worry at times, its exhausting! 

Chloe is wearing some 3-6 months clothes, but mostly wears size 6-9 months and 9 month, she is still wearing size three in diapers. Chloe seems to have a little more hair in the front these days, which is so exciting! She had a ton of hair when she was born but over time has lost some of it, her hair is also a lot lighter now then when she was born.

Life with Chloe: Chloe seems so fascinated with everything right now. She loves playing with her toys and feeling all the different textures on them, touching our faces, rolling on her belly, staring at herself in the mirror, standing, making high pitch sqeauls, blowing bubbles, putting everything in her month, holding onto her feet while lying on the floor, music, laughter, grabbing for whatevers in her reach, practicing sitting up, bath time and being carried in our BabyHawk Mei Tai while I clean the apartment and run errands!

My sweet Chloe has such a beautiful personality. She is pretty much always happy! And I'm not just saying that because I'm her Mom, lots of our friends and family have told us shes the happiest baby they have ever met. I honestly don't know how we got so lucky!! The only time she gets really fussy is when she is overtired or hungry. I try to not let her get to that point to often but sometimes it just happens. I'm having a difficult time seeing Mike and I in her. To me she seems like she is completely her own little person. Mike disagrees and says he can see a lot of me in her, like some of the sounds that she makes and certain  facial expressions that she has are similar to mine.  I have noticed that she frowns when she sleeps, which is something I do too!! 

Food: Right now Chloe is exclusively breastfeed and will continue to be until we notice that she is ready to start solids, I'm guessing she will be ready around 6-7 months old. I have noticed lately that Chloe is showing an interest in what we're eating, I like to let her smell certain foods so she can experience something new and be involved in what were doing. I'm doing a lot of research on starting solids and plan to make all of Chloe's baby food. I'm also reading a lot about baby led weaning which I will explain in a post about baby food coming soon!

It's so exciting to be able to watch my daughter grow right before my eyes. My 4 month old baby has taught me so much about love and life. And I will say this over and over again I feel so blessed that God chose me to be Chloe's Mom. This sweet little baby has made me one proud mama!


  1. Happy 4 Months Chloe! It certainly does fly by! I remember writing My Peanut's 4 Month I'm up to 16!! I'm sorry about the heart murmur..and best of luck tomorrow. I've had a heart murmur my whole life..and I'm A-Ok! I'm sure she will be too;) Thanks for stopping by my blog..I'll be sure to keep checking in on yours!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! It's hard to believe my daughter will be 16 months old one day! Time goes by so fast. I'm glad your heart murmur hasn't affected you at all, hearing that makes me feel better!

  3. I hope everything will be fine with Chloe regarding the heart murmur! I would be terrified to hear that too.
    That is awesome that Chloe is wearing size 6-9 month clothes! She is bigger than Lillian was when she turned 4 months! Lillian is exclusively breastfed too. Love it!

  4. Rachel, great news, everything looks great with Chloe and the doctor said its nothing to worry about!! It was such a huge relief to hear him say that! Great job with exclusively breastfeeding, I think its such an amazing gift to give your baby! When do you guys plan on starting solids?