Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Three Years

It was exactly three years ago today
in a small church surrounded by our friends and family
there we stood, across from one another
 his hands tightly wrapped around mine
our eyes welled up with salty tears
as we proclaimed to each other
" I do "

What a beautiful three years its been. I love you so much hunny, more now then ever before. Thank you for being my husband, for your unconditional love and support. Thank you for taking care of Chloe and I each and everyday. You mean the absolute world to us both. I look forward to spending all my days with you, forever and always.

Love, your wife


  1. What a great collage idea to do with your wedding photos! I love that close up one of you in the top row, you look SO happy!

    1. Thank you Margaux, it was such a happy day for us! and oh how I loved my red shoes but they were so hard to walk in lol!

  2. ohmygosh and I just noticed the bright red shoes! How awesome!

  3. What a beautiful bride! : ) Seriously, these are such beautiful pictures! I love the red...I had red bridesmaid dresses too!

    HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Wishing you guys a lifetimes of happiness!

  4. Happy Anniversary! You look so beautiful and happy! I love, love.