Friday, February 1, 2013


I am currently....

Loving: How much Chloe has been talking lately and all the hand and facial expressions that go with it! My new favorite phrase of her's, " oh my da " which means oh my gosh, ah it's so cute! Also I love that this past week we have had two nice days, so Chloe and I got to spend some much needed time outdoors!

Wishing: Wishing, praying, hoping that I get this job that I applied for at a local daycare. I have the interview on Tuesday morning and I'm feeling very, very hopeful about it! 

Craving: Lately I have been craving big green salads, smoothies, and fresh squeezed orange and tangerine juice from Marianos. I think all this unhealthy eating has caught up to me, overall I just feel tired, bloated, and sluggish these days.

Missing: Spring.... and warm weather. It's really difficult being stuck inside all day with a child. Also, more and more I find myself missing the days it was just Mike and I and Chloe living together in our own place. I love my family, and feel so grateful that they let us move in with them, but living with family can be very chaotic and difficult at times, especially when there is not enough space for everybody. 

Worrying: About the usual.... money, jobs, and moving into our own place. I'm trying to be hopeful though, and have faith that in the end everything is going to work out for us. 



  1. Sending good wishes your way. I hope you get the job and find a place with enough space to be comfortable xxx

    1. Thank you Ruby, your support and encouraging words are very much appreciated! xo