Sunday, September 18, 2011

3 Months Old

How did 3 months go by so incredibly fast? When I was pregnant 3 months felt like a lifetime, but now that my sweet daughter is here in my arms time is just flying by. I can honestly say that these past months have been filled with the greatest moments of my life.

Today has brought on an array of emotions. Since there is now a cool breeze in the air and fall is quickly approaching I felt it was time to start putting away all of Chloe's spring and summer clothes. As I held each item of clothing in my hands a wave of sadness washed over me, and I realized that I will never see my daughter in these clothes again. I know it might sound silly to some to get all emotional over clothes but to me her clothes represent these special months were I have had the privilege of watching my sweet Chloe blossom into her own little being.

And with all in the same moment I am filled with so much joy and excitement as I watch my daughter grow, and learn, and transform right before my eyes. I'm in awe at the beauty that is her and have no words to describe the pure joy that comes from watching her grow each and every day.

Chloe's stats:
 I don't know how much my daughter weighs right now or her height, I wont know till her 4 month checkup. Chloe is wearing size 3 diapers, and wearing 3-6 months clothes.

 Life with Chloe: This month so many changes have taken place with Chloe. I have noticed that she will now follow me with her eyes as I move around the room. Chloe is showing more of an interest in her toys and will pick them up if they are within her reach. She can take her pacifier out of her mouth and will try to get it back in but she is not quite there yet. When we make eye contact with her she will smile a great big smile and start cooing away! Chloe still loves her little hands and has always shown so much curiosity towards her feet, a few days ago she actually started holding onto her feet while lying on her back, Chloe looks pretty proud about that one! My sweet daughter has now rolled over from her stomach to back several times and just started rolling from her back to stomach! Chloe also seems to like tummy time a little more these days! During our trip to Chicago my Mom made Chloe laugh for the first time, my heart completely melted when I heard her sweet little laugh! I have also noticed that Chloe has a new fascination with the tv, and now enjoys sucking her thumb. Chloe has also been drooling a lot more lately and likes to blow little spit bubbles!

The only thing that been a bit of a struggle for us is nap time. Chloe loves to sleep in my arms which I also love, but I'm not going to lie, I need a break sometimes! We are working on it, some days she will take a good nap in our bed and other days the moment I put her down she will wake up. I know I need to work harder at this and be consistent and not give up but I want to make sure that I am doing this as loving and gentle as possible.

Overall I would say that Mike and I both feel so much more confident in our new roles as parents and as each day passes we are learning more about Chloe, each other, and ourselves. I would consider our parenting philosophy to be based off of attachment parenting. It is an important goal of ours to continue parenting this way throughout our daughters life!

I am still babywearing and absolutely love it! I hope to do it for as long as Chloe enjoys it! I just bought a Babyhawk Mei Tai and it is gorgeous!! I'm in love with it and now that Chloe is bigger I think she likes it better then the Moby wrap! I cant wait to learn how to wear her on my back!

Though it brings me a little bit of sadness to watch my daughter grow older each day, becoming less and less of a baby, its also so incredibly exciting at the same time! I know next month will bring us even more excitement as we watch our sweet baby grow.


  1. Crazy how fast it goes by. Even the pregnancy!

  2. Time goes by sooooo quickly, enjoy every moment while you can.