Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 Days Till Due Date

Only 10 days left until my due date!! I cant wait to finally meet my little girl face to face!! Everyday I am just anxiously awaiting for her arrival. I am hoping that one morning I will wake up and just know that today's the day my baby will be born, that I would get some sort of feeling.

This past weekend was an interesting one for me. For one thing I was having lots of contractions and cramping. The contractions felt a lot stronger then the ones I was having last week but they would always stop after an hour at a time. On Sunday I felt terrible, I didn't get any sleep from the night before and all day I just felt really off. I was having lots of contractions and nothing I was doing would make them go away so Mike and I thought that maybe I was actually going into labor. Nope, after a couple hours they went away. I felt really nauseous and after getting sick and laying down for a little bit the contractions slowed down and then completely stopped. This past weekend I was so emotional as well. I honestly couldn't stop crying. I have no idea what was going on with me but it was definitely an exhausting weekend. So far this week I seem to be doing much better. I am not having any contractions, I am sleeping well again and I don't feel the need to cry every second. I just want to have my baby in my arms already, I am done being pregnant now!

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