Thursday, October 18, 2012

Adventure: Lambs Farm

On Tuesday Chloe and I spent the afternoon with some friends exploring Lambs Farm. Chloe went on her first carousel ride, saw lots of farm animals and even got to pet and feed the goats and sheep. As you can see in the pictures above my sweet Chloe is fearless when it comes to animals, which is both exciting and terrifying for me!

We also walked around their pet shop, (where Chloe got to see a talking parrot for the first time), thrift store, and lastly the bakery where we picked out a couple delicious chocolate treats to take home with us. We had such a wonderful day on Lambs Farm, it's always so much fun to spend the day with other Mama's and babies!


  1. What a beautiful, fun family outing :) Farm trip day is always one of our favorite annual traditions too! I think we're going next weekend; hopefully OR doesn't dump rain on us! Chloe is a doll! Fearless is good! xxoo

    1. Thanks, we had such a fun time Chloe and I! and I am so happy she loves animals so much, since I was a child I have always loved animals! Hope you and your family have fun on your trip to the farm!!