Thursday, June 7, 2012

Adventure: Lincoln Park Zoo

Yesterday afternoon Mike and I decided it would be fun to spend a day at the Lincoln Park Zoo with Chloe. The weather was gorgeous and we had such a fun time in the afternoon sun exploring the zoo. Lincoln park zoo is a free zoo and only run on donations so that everyone can enjoy learning about and exploring all the animals and nature. With that being said since it is free they they don't always have a lot of animals to see, which is what happened to us yesterday. 

We did however get to see a big black bear, a sleepy lion, a seal, a few different kinds of monkeys, flamingos, turtles and lots of pretty butterflies. Chloe did so great at the zoo and seemed to be most interested in the black bear. I cant wait to take Chloe to the zoo more often and hopefully soon we will get to go to the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago.

Here are some more pictures from yesterdays adventure!

Looking for the seal

Chloe got so excited when she saw this big black bear, he even got really close to the glass so we could see him close up!

Chloe loved playing in this tunnel!

I have no idea what kind of animal this is but he sure is cute!

Eating lunch in the grass!

Looking at the flamingos with Daddy!

I just love this picture of my sweet Chloe!


  1. So, just curious: how do you deal with naps on days like this? The Brookfield Zoo is basically an hour from us, and Lincoln Park even farther, so we haven't tried to go yet.

    1. Great question Courtney! We made sure to leave the house during Chloe's nap time so that she could sleep during the 45 minute car ride there. We only stayed around 3 hours at the zoo and when we left Chloe was tired enough that she feel asleep on the drive home. I also wore Chloe in my Mei Tai so if she was really tired she could easily fall asleep while in the carrier.

      Hope that answered your question!

    2. Ahhh. If only Lorelei would sleep anywhere besides her crib, life would be so much easier! ;)

    3. Oh that would make these hard!