Friday, May 11, 2012

Breakfast With Great Grandma And Other Life Happenings

Instagram photo's @ beforeverlovely

This morning Chloe and I went out for breakfast to a cute little place called Egg Shells with my grandma (Chloe's Great Grandma). We had such a wonderful morning filled with laughter, good food, and great conversation. As I write this I am filled with so much love and appreciation for my family. There are not enough words I can say to express the pure gratitude I feel to be living near my family again! 
I have missed moments like these so very much!

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week so Chloe and I have been spending most of our time at the nearby parks. Last night after dinner Mike and I took Chloe to the park for a little bit and had such a fun time playing in the warm sunshine.

And here are a few pictures from Chloe and I's trip to the park earlier this week!

Its been a wonderful, fun week and I am so excited for this weekend and to be celebrating Mothers Day on Sunday.  I hope everyone has an amazing weekend and a lovely Mother's Day!


  1. Sweet photos. So lovely to have family and GREAT grand parents!! Lucky little girly.

    1. Thank you! I agree it's so amazing to have great family around!!