Monday, May 14, 2012

11 Months Old

Today my daughter is 11 months old.... I just cant believe how quickly these past months have gone by. Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday that Chloe was born but most of the time it feels like she's been here forever with us, filling our days with more love and happiness then we even know what to do with. This little girl has enriched our lives in more ways then I could ever even say.

This has been a busy month full of learning and growing for Chloe.

Here's whats new with my little love:

:: Can stand up on her own for long periods of time

:: Has taken 3 steps and is getting closer and closer to full on walking everyday

:: Chloe still loves to cruise from object to object

:: Can climb up and down the stairs

:: Chloe loves to clap and hear others clap

:: She will start clapping if you say "yay" and "good job"

:: Loves to share her food and toys with us and loves when you thank her for sharing!

:: Chloe loves being around people and is still extremely outgoing

:: When Chloe meets someone she will stick out her hand to them as if to hi!

:: Chloe really enjoys looking through books and hearing us read to her

:: She is babbling so much these days, you can have a full on conversation with her but you just cant 
understand what she is saying!

:: Chloe has said Hi and Hello a few times now

:: Loves dancing to music

:: Has been trying to put on her own shoes

Chloe's last check up was at 9 months old, at the time she weighed 21.03 lbs and was 29 inches long so I can only imagine she is bigger now. Chloe sure seems much longer and heavier these days! Chloe is still wearing size 4 diapers and is in 12-18 and 18-24 months clothes. This past month Chloe got 4 new teeth giving her a total of 10 teeth now! She has handled teething incredibly well and I honestly believe its because of the amber necklace she wears every day and night. Chloe's hair is getting longer and waiver and its so pretty but sometimes it looks like she has constant bedhead!

Food / Sleep:
Baby led weaning is still going really well! Chloe is eating 3 meals a day and a few small snacks, she is also still nursing often throughout the day. Some new foods she has tried this past month are waffles, watermelon, pasta with marinara sauce, homemade sweet potato fries and peas. Chloe's favorite foods to eat are grilled chicken, avocado, carrots, peas, pasta, rice, cheese, banana, grapes, yogurt, corn, waffles and sweet potato fries.

Sleep has been amazing these days! Chloe usually takes two naps a day and goes down for bed very easily at night. For a few months we were really struggling getting Chloe to bed so for her to be sleeping better these days is amazing!

Its incredibly difficult for me to not get emotional thinking about my sweet Chloe turning 1 next month. I never knew time would go this fast. I'm so grateful that I have gotten to spend everyday with my little love and have been here for all her firsts. Motherhood is an incredible, beautiful, wild journey and I am so forever grateful that God chose this journey for me!

Happy 11 months Chloe, I love you sweet baby girl!


  1. soooo sweet! She is so cute and clever standing up. Mia is nearly 14 months and cannot even stand up on her own yet! xx

    1. Thank you Keri-Anne! They sure grow so fast! Im excited for her to start walking but also nervous!

  2. So cute! She's doing so well! And you said all that perfectly..I know just how you feel. What an incredible blessing!