Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birthday Planning: Part 2

I honestly cant believe that my sweet, little Chloe will be turning one in only 23 days, and that in 25 days our family and friends will join together to celebrate this momentousness milestone in my little girls life.  As we are getting closer and closer to her party I have been doing a lot more planning and organizing and brainstorming.

 At times I notice myself feeling overwhelmed, this is the first birthday party I have ever thrown and since its for my daughter I want it to be perfect and special. I know she wont remember her first birthday and I know that this is probably more for us then it is for her but I keep imagining one day Chloe will love looking through all the pictures we have of her when she was a baby and of her first birthday and together we can smile and laugh and share the story of her very first birthday and how special it is for us to celebrate the day she came into this world.

With all that being said we still plan to keep her party very causal and relaxed with little pops of color, flowers, and girlyness scattered all around. Here is a list of what we have done thus far and what we plan on finishing soon!

:: Guest list is complete but I still need a few addresses.

:: This weekend we will be taking pictures of Chloe for the invitation. We still need to get a few props for her photoshoot though.

:: We bought Chloe's birthday dress this past weekend from Baby Gap! It's so adorable! We also plan to use it for her invitation picture.

:: These are the sandals Chloe's going to wear to her party, also from Baby Gap.

:: Still need to buy a cute headband for Chloe to wear with her outfit.

:: Working on the wording for the invitations.

:: We are planning to have a barbecue and will be asking everyone to bring a dish to share.

:: We are pretty certain we know where we will be getting Chloe's cake from.

As of right now this is what I have planned, I still have a lot more to do but I am getting there, slowly! I will feel much better about everything once we have the invitations done and sent out as well as purchasing/making the decorations and party supplies!

If you have any tips or advice for me please feel free to share, I am pretty knew to planning a party!


  1. I am in over my head in party planning! I've never done this before, and it's definitely not my strong suit! Good luck to you with everything, that dress is adorable. xx

    1. Thank you Kate and good luck to you too! Maybe by the end of this the both of us will be party planning experts!

  2. What a beautiful dress! Sounds like your doing a great job so far! I'm excited to see pics!

    1. Thank you Josie it looks so adorable on her!!