Friday, February 11, 2011

6 Months Down

Today I am exactly 6 months pregnant! I really cant believe how fast this pregnancy has gone so far. Our little girl will be here before we know it! I have been feeling pretty good at this point in my pregnancy and only have morning sickness once or twice a week now. My energy level is much better these days but no where near what it was like before I got pregnant. I am however struggling a lot with leg cramps and back pain, but I know that's a normal symptom of pregnancy. I am also struggling with bending over now that my belly has gotten much bigger, its pretty funny actually to see me try to bend down and pick something up off of the floor, its not an easy task these days.

Yesterday Mike and I had an appointment with my midwife. While we were at the birth center there were 2 births going on. We didn't see anything obviously but they always light a candle that's on the front desk when a baby is being born, and Mike and I heard one of the newborns crying!

Our appointment was great, we talked about how I was feeling and any questions Mike and I had for her. For my next appointment which is on March 10th I have to take the glucose screening test to find out if I have gestational diabetes. I'm not looking forward to taking that test at all, I have to make sure not to eat anything for 2 hours before my appointment and then 30 minutes before my appointment starts I have to drink a really sugary drink that they give me in 5 minutes, then 30 minutes later they draw my blood. It's not that bad, I have it really easy because most people I have taken with say that when they took that test they were not allowed to eat all day.

 My midwife measured me, checked my blood pressure, we got to hear Chloe's heartbeat, which is always my favorite part. Chloe's heartbeat sounded strong and beautiful, and with the doppler we could hear her kicking in there! My midwife also showed us by pressing into my belly how Chloe was positioned in my womb. That was really amazing to be able to know where her head is, back, and cute little legs and feet!! After my next appointment which is in 4 weeks, my appointments will then move to every two weeks instead of 4!

Our childbirth class starts March 30th, we are so excited about starting that class. So many people have told me that the class we are taking is amazing and eased a lot of their fears about having a natural childbirth. Oh, and some other really exciting news, Mike finally felt Chloe move for the first time last Friday evening. That was so exciting to be able to share that experience together. Since then he has felt our daughter move a couple more times!

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