Monday, January 31, 2011

22 Weeks

Can you believe it in 2 weeks I will officially be 6 months pregnant! Everyday that goes by I am amazed at how fast this pregnancy is going. In 5 weeks I will be 27 weeks along which means that I will be in my 3rd trimester! I just cant believe it, I know I keep saying that over and over again but it's true. Chloe will be here in my arms before I know it! I think it is finally hitting me more and more everyday that I am a Mother now, and I have this little baby that is completely dependent on me, my needs don't come first anymore. Having my own child has made me think a lot about my own Mother and how much she has sacrificed for my brother and sister and I. I think about everything she has done  for us, the way she always put our needs before hers , and the unconditional love she has poured upon us through out our whole lives. I never really realized all the my Mother has done for us until now.

Some other exciting news this week, a lot of people have been telling me that I am really showing a lot now, and on Saturday Mike and I went to the bank to set up a joint account (only took almost a year of being married to do it) and the bank teller who helped us said "and I see your expecting a baby". I was totally taken off guard when she said that because I haven't had any strangers yet say anything to me about my pregnancy. So that was really exciting, I'm finally starting to really look pregnant. I feel Chloe kick and move all the time, she is getting stronger everyday and I think she finally weighs 1 pound now! I used to be able to only feel her on the right side but now I can feel her all over and I also feel her really high up now. Last week I bought Chloe's baby book off of Amazon, it came in the mail on Saturday. Mike and I love it, it is so cute and unique. I started working on it right away! I think that is really all that has happened last week, we are just doing lots of reading and planning, and getting ready for our sweet little girl to get here. I love seeing Mike so excited about becoming a father!

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