Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cravings and Aversions

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I realized I have written anything yet about the cravings I have had while being pregnant. So I thought it would be fun to make a post about it.

Here are some of the cravings I have had so far:

:: V8 Vegetable juice

:: Apples

:: Tomatoes

:: Soup, I have been loving soup through out my whole pregnancy, I love all different kinds of soup but my all time favorite right now is cream of mushroom! In fact I just had some for lunch today.

:: Peanut butter

:: Chips, lately I have been craving chips everyday especially the salt and vinegar ones (which by the way I never used to like those that much)

:: Eggs

:: Jolly ranchers, during all those months of morning sickness I became addicted to jolly ranchers and basically any sweet candy

:: Milk, I craved milk all the time during those months of morning sickness as well

    As of today I am able to eat more of a variety of food, but I'm still not really liking meat, especially chicken. The only things on that list that I don't crave anymore are vegetable juice, eggs, milk, and jolly ranchers.

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    1. My midwife says you should eat at least 2 eggs each morning. She says they are full of nutrition/protein that both you and the baby need.

      If you're not eating a whole lot of meat, make sure you're eating lots of other protein such as beans!

      I love the fact that you were craving jolly ranchers. I wanted peppermint candy the entire first trimester! Sucking on hard candy really helps during that nausea phase.