Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dear Chloe: Treasure From Above

Dear Chloe,

 I took these sweet picture of you today after you fell asleep so peacefully in my arms. You are 10 1/2 Months old. You are beautiful beyond words, sweet, incredibly smart, brave, adventures, full of smiles and laughter. You are stubborn like your Mommy and Daddy, you love people and are outgoing, you are trusting of others, forgive quickly, and love unconditionally. You have taught me so much Chloe, thank you for being my daughter. 

I am desperately trying to soak up these last fleeting moments of your babyhood, toddler-hood is fast approaching. You are a treasure from God, don't ever forget that my little love!

Love you always and forever



  1. So sweet! Look at how small she used to be--doesn't it just break your heart?

    1. Thanks! I know...she will never be that tiny again!