Saturday, April 14, 2012

10 Months Old

Today my sweet Chloe is 10 months Old! These past 10 months have flown by quicker then I ever imagined them too, as the days go on its becoming harder and harder to remember what those sweet, sleepy newborn days were like. I'm so glad I have so many pictures and videos of my little love, I love the feeling that washes over me as I look through each picture of her.

Whats new with my sweet Chloe:

:: I cant believe what a personality Chloe has! She loves people, loves attention and is always smiling and laughing at everyone she meets, she is very much a little ham!

:: She is standing up unassisted for longer periods of time.

:: Cruising along everything and everyone.

:: Has a bad habit of biting and hitting. Its not fun!

:: Loves to play on the piano and guitar.

:: Has played in the sand for the first time this month!

:: Drinks water from a sippy cup everyday by herself.

:: Breastfeeding is still going strong with no end in sight.

:: Chloe loves to babble and can say lots of new words but her favorite words are Ma Ma and Mom.

:: She is obsessed with all things paper, if there is paper around her she will grab it and eat it.

:: Chloe loves to share her food with you by putting it in your mouth, she smiles so big when she does this and its so adorable!

:: She loves to clap, wave, and point!

:: Can climb down off of furniture and sometimes climb back on if its low enough.

:: I keep forgetting to add this but Chloe does not take a binky anymore.

:: Chloe is sleeping awful and has been for the past couple months. She wakes up often crying and wanting to comfort nurse. Its been pretty hard on me but luckily she will fall right back to sleep.

At Chloe's 9 month doctor appointment she weighed 21.03 lbs and was 29 inches long so I am guessing she is at the same weight and height or just a little bit bigger now. Chloe is wearing mostly 18 month clothes now but still fits into some 6-12 month and 12 months clothes, she is still wearing a size 4 in diapers. Chloe has 6 teeth as of right now, I don't see anymore coming in but she is drooling a lot lately and wanting to chew on everything. Chloe's hair is also becoming more and more wavier in the back, its so pretty!


Chloe loves to eat and has about 2-3 meals a day! We are doing baby led weaning 100% , no more purees whatsoever! Her favorite foods are eggs - either scrambled or hard boiled, apples, oranges, blueberries, grapes, cucumber, avocado, broccoli, soup, bread, cheese, noodles, cottage cheese, yogurt, grilled chicken and organic apple puffs. At Passover Chloe tried her first matzo ball and loved it! I am so happy Chloe enjoys eating so many different foods, I hope that this will continue all throughout her life. I will be doing a more detailed post about this very soon!

Chloe has taught me so much about life and about my self. She is such an incredible blessing to me and Mike! In just two short months my sweet Chloe will be turning 1, time to really start planning her garden themed birthday party!

Happy 10 months baby girl, I cant wait for all that next month will bring!


  1. look at that adorable baby girl! Happy 10 months Chloe:) ...I'm so jealous Chloe is still nursing so much!!

    1. Thanks!! I Can't believe in 2 months she will already be 1, sniffle sniffle time goes way to fast!

  2. Happy 10 months Chloe!! Look at her cruising along, wow! I know, can you believe it (?!) I'm planning Lillian's strawberry & red/white/blue/pink party too! Fun!

    1. No I cant! Its crazy how fast they grow but its so fun to watch them grow! Cant wait to hear more about Lillian's party, I bet it will be so cute!

  3. Happy 10 months!! My fiance thinks I'm crazy that I take so many pictures but like you said, its so nice to look back at them. I'm excited to see her garden themed party!! :)

    1. Thanks Josie, I am so excited to start planning it! My husband thinks I take way to many pictures too but I am so glad I do, plus I know when Chloe gets older she will love to look at all the pictures too!

  4. happy 10 months chloe! so precious. i love her dress and she seems like such a happy sweet little baby.