Sunday, June 12, 2011

9 Days Overdue

Today marks exactly 9 days past my due date. This past month has been such a challenge for me and as each day goes by that I am still pregnant I feel more and more frustrated and hopeless. It feels like there is no end in sight. I try to remind myself over and over again that this will be ending soon, that all this pain and discomfort that I am feeling will all be worth it when I finally have my daughter in my arms. Any day now my beautiful Chloe will be here, any day now.

The good news is that this week we have a plan. At my appointment with my midwife on Thursday we talked about our plan of action for this week since I cant go past 42 weeks. On Monday I have to go in for a BPP ultrasound to check on Chloe and make sure she is still healthy and growing properly. If everything looks good with her then I wouldn't have to worry about an induction until I get to Friday. On Tuesday I have another appointment with my midwife, at that appointment they will do a nonstress test, check to see if I am progressing, give me a membrane sweep if they are able, and then send me home with a mixture of castor oil and lemon verbena to drink that will hopefully put me into labor. If that doesn't work then they want me to take a stronger version of the mixture again. My midwife also suggested that this week I really focus on all the natural ways to induce labor even though nothing will actually put me into labor unless my body is ready it will still help get my body to be thinking more about labor.

If by Friday I still have not gone into labor then I will have to be induced and labor and deliver at the hospital instead of at the birth center. We are really hoping that doesn't happen and that we will be able to have the natural un-medicated birth that we planned at the birth center. In all honesty though I will be ok if we have to go to the hospital and be induced, whatever it takes to have my beautiful healthy baby girl in my arms! I know that no matter what God is watching over us!

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