Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Taking Stock

-- Celebrating our four year wedding anniversary at our favorite local breakfast place, Egg Harbor. --

Making: Memories with my family.
Cooking: Delicious, giant bowls of fresh green, colorful salads.
Drinking: Fresh homemade smoothies and juices.
Reading: Nothing at the moment. It's been an embarrassing long time since I have even picked up a book.
Wanting: More time for myself, to create, learn and discover.
Looking: Into turning my 52 project from 2013 into a tangible book I can actually hold and cherish.
Playing: With Chloe and the children I nanny for everyday.
Wasting: Nothing.
Sewing: Nothing.
Wishing: For springtime.
Enjoying: Yogurt topped with fresh, ripe blueberries, blackberries and touch of granola sprinkled on top.
Waiting: For those first early signs that come with the changing of a season.
Liking: Coconut coffee creamer.
Wondering: How to simplify our life.
Loving: My days off from work, when it's just me and Chloe and we have an entire day to enjoy to ourselves.
Hoping: That I can get back into my exercise routine as spring quickly approaches.
Marveling: At how quickly time seems to go by. Mike and just celebrated our four year wedding anniversary, and in June Chloe will be three years old!
Needing: More patience with Chloe, and much more sleep during the week.
Smelling: Lingerings of my favorite perfume on my jacket and scarf.
Wearing: Dark winter inspired clothing, blacks, browns, deep blues and greens.
Following: Along with the 52 project, hosted by Jodi.
Noticing: How badly I need to get my hair cut and dyed.
Knowing: That our life is continuously changing and evolving over time.
Thinking: About more then I could ever share. 
Feeling: Overwhelmed and anxious but also a deep sense of hope that " this too shall pass ".
Bookmarking: A poem about Shrinking woman by Lily Myers.
Opening: Mail.
Giggling: Over all the funny things my two year old says and does.

Joining in with Pip and Kate!


  1. What a lovely family you are! But why does Chloe look like she's about 4 in that first picture!? What a big girl, and such a cutie! I'll never get over her hair...it's the best!

    Ages 2/3 were the hardest for me with Avery. She never slept, and I felt like I never had enough patience. Age 5 has been amazing...and yet bittersweet at the same time because it means Avery is getting so old. But it's so much fun!

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