Wednesday, July 3, 2013


-- three favorites from the 52 project --


17/52: She loves to play dress up, twirling around in front of the mirror admiring her own beauty. I smile as I watch her play, mentally trying to take it all in. These precious moments with my daughter are truly so fleeting. One day, sooner then I even know, my little girl will be all grown up.

23/52: Our first trip to the beach this summer. She loves the way the sand feels in between her little fingers. Watching Chloe discover the world around her is one of the most beautiful, humbling experiences of Motherhood.

26/52: Refreshed after an afternoon nap, reading books in her Daddy's lap as the early evening light pours in through our bedroom window. A perfect, simple moment indeed.

It's hard to believe we are already halfway through this project. So much has happened and changed for my family during these past six months. With open arms we have welcomed the change in seasons from winter, to spring, and now summer. There have been new jobs, promotions, family adventures, holidays, birthdays ( Mike's and Chloe's ). We have grown, and loved, and laughed, and cried, and yelled. So many beautiful, simple memories I want to cherish and keep forever. I feel incredibly grateful for this project, it has helped me share the story I am most proud of, the story of my daughter, of my family. I feel so honored to be among so many inspiring woman, Mothers, photographers, and bloggers, and I can truly say I feel like I have grown as a photographer and storyteller through this project.

Joining in with Jodi for the 52 project.


  1. Those curls are just too much. Lovely choices xx

  2. Look at that tutu! I'm so impressed by how well your doing with this project. And your photos are always beautiful!

  3. Just love that second shot, especially.